2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

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The Roosevelt Foundation is pleased to announce the Class of 2014 to be inducted into the Roosevelt Hall of Fame (in alphabetical order). Please click on each name to view his or her list of accomplishments.

Dr. Peter Agre (RHS ’67; Medicine; Science, Technology and Engineering; Education)

Linda Berglin (RHS ’63; Politics and Government Service)

Robert Apgar Champine (RHS ’39; Science, Technology and Engineering)

Ray Christensen (RHS ’42; Communications and Broadcasting)

Fred Friswold (RHS ’54; Business)

Fortune Gordien (RHS ’41; Athletics, Education, Music and the Arts)

Lorna Landvik (RHS ’72; Communications and Publishing; Music and the Arts)

Gregory Larson (RHS ’57; Athletics; Business; Community)

William Marshall (RHS January ’47; Science, Technology and Engineering; Military)

Sheila O’Dougherty (RHS ’75; Athletics; Health and Medicine; Government Service)

Stanley Paulson (RHS ’59; Law; Education)

Rolf O. Peterson (RHS ’66; Education; Science, Technology and Engineering)

Richard “Dick” Ramberg (RHS ’58; Music; Government; Business)

Mike Ramsey (RHS ’78; Athletics; Community)

Major General David Rataczak (RHS ’62; Military)

James Rosenquist (RHS ’52; Arts and Music)

Eugene Sandvig (RHS January ’49; Athletics; Education; Business)

Brig. Gen. Dennis Schulstad (RHS ’62; Government; Military; Community)

Glenn Seidel (RHS ’32; Athletics; Business; Engineering)

Vice Admiral John Totushek (RHS ’62; Military; Business; Community)

Jesse Ventura (RHS ’69; Politcs; Military; Entertainment; Communications)

Gen. John Vessey (RHS ’40; Military)

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