Hall of Fame Guidelines

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The Hall of Fame nominations and selection process will be governed by the following guidelines:

  • Nominees selected to the RHS hall of Fame will be selected based upon set eligibility requirements. These requirements shall be upheld by the Hall of Fame Committee, and exceptions may be made only in extra-ordinary circumstances by four-fifths majority of the committee.
  • Nominations will be accepted through 12/1/2017. Honorees will be notified by 3/1/2018, announced at the annual alumni pancake breakfast.  The award ceremony will be held in September, 2018, date to be announced.
  • To access Hall of Fame information and forms go to this website: http://roosevelthighfoundation.org/roosevelt-hall-of-fame/
  • The RHS Foundation Hall of Fame standard online nomination form, or a hard copy of the form must be used to nominate an individual. As much detail as possible should be provided on the form.
  • Nominations can be submitted via the online form, or mailed to the RHS Hall of Fame Committee at 4029 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406.
  • Nominees or their families will be contacted to give their consent for consideration, and to verify data on the nomination form.
  • Nominations will not be made public.
  • All nominations and corresponding materials become the property of the RHS Foundation. Nominations will not be returned to the nominator, reprinted for the nominee or otherwise distributed.
  • Individuals nominated for the current award cycle, but not selected, may be considered for award in future years.