Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

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Eligibility Criteria for Nomination:

  • Nominees shall fall into one of three categories:
    • Alumni of RHS – Must be ten years since graduation
    • RHS Faculty/Staff – Must have had ten years as a staff member, and have been retired at least five years.
    • Contributors to RHS – Must have given sustained extraordinary contributions for the betterment of RHS students, staff and community.
  • Nominees must have:
    • Shown dedication and/or made significant contributions to the RHS community and/or represented RHS with dignity upon leaving the school.
    • Upheld the integrity of RHS ideals both at RHS and in the world.
    • Brought recognition to themselves and/or RHS due to successful endeavors.
  • Nominees must have:
    • Achieved excellence in a professional service such as athletics, law, education, medicine and health, science and engineering, government, journalism, clergy, etc.
    • Achieved outstanding success in commercial endeavors such as trade, business, agriculture, or industry.
    • Demonstrated high achievement in one or more recognized fields of cultural endeavor, such as music, theater, dance, literature, sculptor, painting, etc.